Listening Conference 2010

In order to adapt to and mitigate rapid environmental changes and grow a “green economy”, the nation and the Denver Metro area need additional expertise in all areas of science and engineering, including weather and climate.  We are not on track to generate this expertise – particularly because we are failing to attract and advance talented students from the rapidly growing Latino population.

At the same time, a gap in environmental science knowledge in minority communities jeopardizes their ability to benefit from the green economy and represent their community’s interests in discussions of adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Meeting the challenge of Denver's future: Preparing a diverse next generation of weather and climate professionals 

To address these needs, our conference will bring together colleges and universities, businesses, governments, and local communities to set research and education priorities and to form partnerships that can better support students as they become aware of, prepare for, and enter careers related to the green economy. 

Our long term goal is to engage the Latino community of Denver as full partners in building a sustainable city, a green economy, and a diverse workforce.

Conference outcomes will include a high-level institutional commitment to the goals of broadening Latino participation in weather and climate; greater interaction between individuals, groups, and organizations aligned with these goals, partnerships that can leverage existing activities more effectively, and recommendations for additional activities.