About the Community Building Program

Our Mission

The mission of the UCAR Community Building Program is to work with university partners to develop and engage a diverse workforce in the atmospheric and related sciences.

Develop and Engage a Diverse Workforce

The discoveries that will transform Earth system science and enable society to respond to a planet under stress will be made by people with diverse and global perspectives.

Excellence requires the input and ideas of people from all parts of society. Science is increasingly interdisciplinary and depends on strong collaborations. UCAR will continue to build and sustain partnerships, nationally and internationally, among scientists and other stakeholders, to advance science and serve our diverse society. This broad alliance will include scientists, engineers, civic leaders, and informed citizens who are committed to addressing global issues.

In recruiting and nurturing tomorrow's scientists, UCAR will identify the young and talented students and professionals, especially those from nontraditional backgrounds, who can expand our perspectives, challenge traditional thinking, and work collaboratively to ensure maximum effectiveness.

UCAR will invest in people who collectively bring the depth and breadth of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that are necessary to address the scientific challenges of the 21st century.